Sunday, 10 July 2011


weh ! please laa don't sad !
me worry about u,u know ! just now u hepi !
after see him ! u changed !
he frust when u leave him ! now he want hurt your feel !
em please don't upset depan aku !
serius me don't know persuade people ! please hepi my dear !
me know u love him ! if he hurt u,what r the point u love him !
me just don't want to see u sad ! me did'nt ask u to leave him but think yourself !

sorry ! me emosi ! just don't want see u sad !
please understand me ! huh ^^
sorry again ! =="
and sorry because me u and him em !

promise me never say u hepi when u sad !
promise me never say u fine when u not oke !
promise me never say u feel good when u feel bad !
promise ! remember this !
take care ! strong yourself !
don't sad2 oke !^^

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