Friday, 8 July 2011


assalamualaikum warahmatullah ^^

sori la weh ! me don't update my blog for a few days ! me don't have story to share !
actually today also don't have story but me want to write ! me don't care ! huhu ^^
as usually,after the sun is rising ! me and akmal go to school by motorcycle !
at class,all my dear friend buzy to complete the addmth work ! padan muke ! haha ^^
scare with teacher adila ! am me right ! haha :p
at 7.20a.m we go to surau to read yasin ! at the end,ustaz talk about end of the world !
very scared la ! my god ! please give me more time to life !
please give me time to repent for all my sin to you ! =="

paling best mase chemist la ! memang kne basoh habis-habisan dengan cikgu turah !
budak2 ni tak dapat jawab soalan ! hydroxide or sulphate to be discharge ? haha !
  kene pale otak skali ! peh,sume da nyirap jep !
tapi sabar la kwn,jgn mara cikgu ! cikgu marah sebab korang tak dapat jawab !
tapi takpe.kite study balek oke ! buktikan kt cikgu kite leh score chemist ! dapat A+ !
chaiyok budak 4KAA ! ^^

alamak ! don't have story laa ! me want to stop la !
punah my english language ! huhu ! if teacher farhan read this huh ! ^^
okela,take care ya kalian ! study oke !
next time me write again ! so bored la my blog ! huh ! :D
chaww ! ^_^

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